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Noble Marcel Kiepach
Dynamo – an illumination device
Device for remote-controlled viewing of a ship compass
Ivan Zakmardi of Dijankovec
Portrait of the noble Franjo Marković
Old postcard of Križevci

Dynamo – an illumination device


• Patent letter for an illumination dynamo; the original patent letter accompanied by the plans
• Material and technique: paper, print, ink drawing
• Originating from: 1912
• Author: the noble Marcel Kiepach
• Dimensions: 31 x 24 cm
• Patent letter for an illumination dynamo invented and patented by the noble Marcel Kiepach in the French Ministry of Trade and Industry. According to the constructor's description, the dynamo (i.e. an electrical generator mechanically powered by the engine of the vehicle it is attached to) was designed for the illumination of carriages, cars, omnibuses, and railway cars.
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