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Wounded Christ
St Mary
St John
Statue of an Unknown Female Saint

Head: Zoran Homen, curator

The permanent display

The Sacral Collection contains mostly sculptures of saints but also a few mass vestments, candlesticks and other items related to the Church in Križevci and its history. The Collection is an integral part of the permanent display and is placed in a room with an artistically treated ceiling, which used to be the house chapel. The Collection contains wooden sculptures of saints collected from local churches and chapels. Special attention should be paid to two Gothic statues of St John and Mary from the 15th century (probably form the Holy Crucifix Church), to the statue of an unknown female saint from the 18th century (the work of the Baroque sculptor Aleksije Königer) and to the statue of the sitting suffering Christ from the 18th century. The exhibition area of the Museum houses a Torah (Jewish Holy Scriptures) from the Križevci synagogue, dating from 1907.
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