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  The professional library of the Križevci Municipal Museum was formed at the same time as the Museum itself. When the Museum started, the library could meet only the staff needs but it eventually started encompassing other items and expanding outside the narrow frames of the field. Today its holdings include more than 3 000 items covering the fields of archaeology, ethnology, history, art history, and museology, as well as monographs and other theme publications.
The variety of publications makes the Museum library extremely attractive to all those interested in local history, above all to students and others exploring the local life in Križevci. The library is open to all guest users but it is too small to have a reading-room and books can only be borrowed. A collection of publications relating to the town, its history and its citizens is catalogued separately and includes several extremely rare items.

The Museum closely cooperates with schools and kindergartens, striving to familiarise the young with the Museum and its activities. Certain theme exhibitions also include lectures or workshops (focusing, for example, on the making of Christmas decorations).

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