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Jelka Struppi, the baroness Wolkensperg - My Mother
Jelka Struppi, the baroness Wolkensperg - Sculptor with a Death Mask
Ivan Zache - Mojsije Baltić
Marijan Kolesar Antwerpen – Dancing Ceilings
Marijan Detoni - Jazz (Three Musicians)
Marijan Detoni - Fair in Križevci
Ivo Friščić - Encounter

Head: Zoran Homen, curator


The Fine Arts Collection is kept in the Gallery of Fine Arts, Nemčić's Square 6/I, located some 30 meters away from the Museum building. The Fine Arts Collection was originally part of the Museum but it moved to the newly acquired premises (the former Parliament Building) in the 1970s. The Gallery was founded mostly thanks to the efforts of professor Vladimir Srimšek, art historian and a former Museum manager. The original concept underlying the foundation of the Gallery was to collect works of all those artists connected with the Križevci area in any way: by their birth, work, life or motifs of their works (motifs of Križevci and the neighbouring area, portraits of important people, etc). The Collection includes the works of Marijan Detoni and Jelka Struppi (both born in Križevci), Dragutin Renarić's graphics and Julije Čikoš's sculptures (both former art teachers in Križevci), as well as numerous works of former attenders of the Križevci Normal School (Ivo Friščić, Josip Turković, Petar Franjić, etc.). Old masters represented in the Collection are Oton Iveković, Nasta Rojc, Joso Bužan, Ivan Zasche, and Bela Čikoš. The Museum is especially proud of its Edo Kovačević's collection encompassing some 40 drawings, watercolours, and wash drawings from his post-agricultural phase created in St Ivan Žabno around 1938. Numerous authors who exhibited in the Gallery of Fine Arts and who later donated their works to the Gallery holdings are also represented there. Marijan Kolesar, the early departed painter who was born in Križevci but lived in Belgium, used to regularly donate his works to the Gallery. The Gallery of Fine Arts organises many exhibitions throughout the year, which makes it impossible to mount its permanent display, even though it has been formed. The permanent display can therefore only be seen on special occasions or when no other exhibitions are held there.
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