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Information plate of the tailors' guild
Information plate of the stove-makers and potters' guild
Rules of the tailors' guild
Covers for guild rules
Seals of the tanners' guild, tailors' guild and boot-makers' guild

Head: Melita Habdija, curator

The permanent display

Križevci has been well-known as an important trade centre throughout history: in the 18th century there were 224 craftsmen gathered in 7 guilds and representing 35 different crafts. Old Križevci craftsmen are described through items relating to their guilds, such as guild chests (which served as tills or safes for the most important guild documents), seals, handwritten and richly ornamented guild rules approved by the sovereign, several original guild charters, metal covers where those rules used to be kept, guild information plates used to call members' meetings and guild flags. Tools and products of the old Križevci craftsmen can be seen in the display cabinets and the walls are covered in cimeri, i.e. symbols of different trades that used to hang on craftsmen's houses.
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