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Wounded Christ
St Mary
St John
Statue of an Unknown Female Saint

Wounded Christ

• Sculpture
• Material and technique: coloured wood
• Originating from: around 1700
• According to D. Baričević, the statue bears a striking resemblance to the Donauwörth statue from around 1710, the work of the Tyrolean sculptor J. F. P. Tschiderer
• Dimensions: height - 90 cm
• The image of the sitting Christ covered in wounds, tired and resting on a stump. His head is resting on his right palm and the right arm is upright, leaning on his knee. His body is all covered in many shallow bleeding wounds. This extraordinary work is a result of the finest medieval tradition and probably belonged to either the Holy Crucifix Church or to St Ann's Church in Križevci. What makes the statue unique is a dramatic and realistic representation of Christ's wounds and suffering, an obvious indication of a direct contact with the Alpine circle known for such statues.
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