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Tijegla, tool used for ironing
Model of vuzmica – Easter bonfire
Easter eggs, coloured
Spinning wheels
Gingerbread moulds

Model of vuzmica – Easter bonfire

Vuzmica and huta (bajta) - model
• Model of vuzmica (Easter bonfire) and huta (an improvised hut for bonfire guards, usually built near the bonfire)
• Material and technique: the bonfire is made of wood and the hut of straw and maize stalks
• Originating from: 1998
• Authors: Pupils of the Secondary Economic School in Križevci made the model to be put on exhibition organized within the action aiming to exchange seeds of old sorts and donated it to the Križevci Municipal Museum after the exhibition.
•Dimensions: height of the vuzmica model - 110 cm
Vuzmica is an Easter custom in the Križevci area, especially in villages of the Kalnik area, where the tradition of bonfires is still very much alive. Material used for it (construction pillars and pieces of wood to be piled within the construction frame) is gathered by the local men throughout Holy Week. The pile grows bigger as the week closes and it becomes necessary to build a small hut (huta or bajta). Vuzmica is lit early on Easter morning and the villagers gather around it to eat, drink and sing. Bonfires can sometimes reach up to 20 metres.
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